New Year’s 2016

“We live our lives as a tale that is told” Ps 90:9b

“What kind of Love is writing my story till the end with Mercy’s pen? Only You.”  Natalie Grant, Alive

new year

Somehow God’s pen weaves and blends and enlivens our tiny lives with His heavenly plan and purposes and light. The tales that will be told of us will be many and varied. Some sad, some happy… As we live, our story unfolds and we face opportunities to participate, asking for greater adventures from the Writer. The ride we are on is one our human minds cannot fathom. The next chapter, always a mystery.

Going into the New Year, let us ascribe to Him the Love of a Heavenly Father watching over his child and Honor Him – Faithful Writer of our stories.

New Year’s 2016 – Father, Writer of my tales, You have made me alive to life in 2015. For 2016, I pray for hearts desires, grander adventures, and even deeper joys.

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Golden Nugget

My faith in God must rule my feelings, not my feelings ruling my faith in God.

We see a lot in this world, we feel a lot about what we see, and the enemy loves to mess with our walk through this opening. This is a huge “ruder” he can use to steer us wrong, if we allow it.

We who walk with Jesus are not to walk with our human eyes, but with our spiritual eyes that see beyond the physical and allow us to think and believe beyond the natural.

Golden Nugget

Peace is internal

Stress is external


I used to see stress as part of my internal nature that I couldn’t change, but am now seeing that isn’t true. I/We can face life and circumstances firmly grounded in the peace of Christ.

  1.  Stress is not caused by others or uncontrollably imposed on us by others.
  2. Stress is all about how we are thinking about that situation – perspective and beliefs.

Are we choosing to “charge-up” our internal peace of the Holy Spirit or are we “charging-up” the stress levels?   God is asking us to upgrade our thinking to see and believe we cannot fail because we are amazingly loved by Father God, and to get a new thought about Him that will replace stress with faith.

We do have the choice in whatever circumstance we face.

stress 2

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Charged Pt.2



“So, by nature, the + and – want to “rearrange themselves to get rid of the difference””

Sir Isaac Newton said the law of the conservation of energy is: “Energy is not lost or destroyed, it is merely transferred from on party to the next.”

One thing I was shown:

As we walk through this life we are faced with choices, thoughts, and things/people/self, trying to pull our focus in a different direction.

  • Our focus is key to where our “energy” is “transferred” and which “energy” we are increasing.

Focusing on a perceived lack or negatives in our lives makes way for anger, resentments, and moves us into taking wrong actions – justifying wrong ways to get what we want…to name a few.

Life becomes all about us and filling that void/lack/want. We lose sight of:

  • What we do have
  • How good it is in all other ways
  • What we loved about that person (spouse)
    • What they are feeling or are going through
    • What we are doing to them in our pursuit of self-fulfillment

If you, too, have fallen into this trap, free yourself by refocusing!

Philippians 4:8   Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.
Psalm 145:16  You (God) open your hand; you satisfy the desire of every living thing.
Philippians 4:11-13 Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, [therewith] to be content.

Charged (Pt.1)


For the sake of keeping my posts short and sweet, and in chewable pieces, I’m going to publish this in smaller parts.

So, the question to be asking yourselves is: “where could she possibly be going with this?”   Be on the lookout for Part 2. 🙂


Looking at ourselves like a battery, we contain positive and negative energy. As with a battery, it takes a wire to make the connection—sparking the energy inside of us. The world is a negative (–) wire; the Kingdom of God is a positive (+) wire. We are “sparked” by both.

The process of becoming Christlike involves redefining our current charge. The negative is being overtaken by the positive.

“The chemical reactions in the battery causes a buildup of electrons at the anode. This results in an electrical difference between the anode and the cathode. You can think of this difference as an unstable buildup of the electrons. The electrons want to rearrange themselves to get rid of this difference, but they do this in a certain way. Electrons repel each other and try to go to a place with fewer electrons.”

In the quote above, we see there is such a difference between the two, it creates instability. So, by nature, the + and – want to “rearrange themselves to get rid of the difference”. The Kingdom (+) being the polar opposite of this world (–) cannot co-exist in the same container. One or the other has to go .

Within a battery, there is a barrier (electrolyte) separating the Cathode (+)/Anode (–). Within us, it is the Soul (mind, will, and emotions) that is our electrolyte barrier.

  • Our body is the container housing both the + and –.
  • Our spirit-man has been born-again and is now positively charged by the Holy Spirit
  • Our Soul, which was carnal (–), is now the battleground of conversion to +

Now, in a constant state of regeneration/transformation/renewal, our Soul is the key point of issue in our lives. Talk about a volatile spot! It is no wonder we go through such strong warfare in our mind, will, and emotions.

Sir Isaac Newton said the law of the conservation of energy is: “Energy is not lost or destroyed, it is merely transferred from on party to the next.”
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Wherever you are sitting right now, Jesus walks in and sits down beside you. With those amazing eyes connecting with yours, He says: “Tell me everything”

There may be people we can talk with, but no human can do what Jesus can do with what we feel, need, and would ask. Holy Spirit shows us/opens to us (John 10) how to pray, shows us what to pray, opens the door of revelation to be received (answer coming back to us), illuminates scripture to stand-on…

Colossians 2:6 talks about living in vital union with Jesus, bringing to Him our daily cares and concerns, and trusting Him with each day’s troubles. I don’t think this means the laundry list of items I’d disconnectedly rattle-off in prayer. Prayer has never been so much of an open-heart connection with Jesus until I started to just lay it all out there bare for Him to see, just telling Him everything, not holding back or spinning it to sound better than it is. I felt a peace and an unseen resolution to all that I shared – and He said something…

Jesus is there with you now friend and the awesome invitation sits next to you and says: “tell Me everything”

All of your thoughts, feelings, needs, wants, hurts and heartaches – He already knows, but willingly sharing all that is on our hearts, is an opening-up to Him that is a whole different way to pray and is a matter of trusting the One who saved us, to now also, see us through each day.

Wait’ll you hear His response 🙂


If we desire Father to call us out to walk upon the water, to lead us to where our trust is without borders, to go deeper than our feet will wonder/and may fail, to a life outside of this natural one where our faith is made stronger…
Why do we expect to know what we are doing?
Why do we expect to have-it-all-together?
What do we expect…what are we expecting, when we can’t actually fathom God?

Limitless life = Letting go of the expectations

(Song: Oceans by Hillsong United)