Oh yes, The Beach!

IMG-20130613-02304IMG-20130615-02330IMG-20130610-02141 Love my pelican friends who constantly fly over the resort!

My favorite time to go out, just as the sun comes up, the rental guy is putting up the umbrellas, and few people are on the beachIMG-20130611-02223.




Last Year in Pictures: The Cove

Early 2012 I attended a writing boot camp at Billy Graham’s prayer and conference retreat The Cove. I’ve never before been to a place where I felt prayer as strongly as I did there. I could feel prayer even down to the nails. The blue prayer room was wonderful, scriptures written on the walls.  If you get a chance, I hope you can go.

Asheville City-20120226-01013Swannanoa-20120226-01025Swannanoa-20120226-01026Swannanoa-20120226-01018

Last Year in Pictures: The Beach

Well, 2012 is about over and with New Years comes some reflection on what’s been and what will be. I thought I’d look back over my year, thru my pictures. Seems I spent a lot of time taking pictures over the last couple years. 🙂

First up, the Beach! Because its snowy and cold and who doesn’t want to look at beach scenes? 🙂

Ormond Beach-20110608-00052


Our room was the corner end of the building and had windows all around both outside walls and a balcony. The seagulls would catch a current down the beach that flew them directly at our window and then over the roof down the other side. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of them it was just so amazing to watch.

North Peninsula-20110607-00045










My normal mode at the beach (when I’m at Frisco, N.C.) is that some internal clock goes off inside me and I’m up at daybreak walking the beach and watching the sun come up.  So, I thought I would be up for sunrise on this trip, but that didn’t happen. Thankfully I was sleeping in the living room at this resort in Florida so even though I never made it out of bed I was still able to see the sun rise and get a great shot. 🙂








Ormond Beach-20110608-00061