Meat and Cheese

Dreamed: I was at a deli line, like Subway, telling the person what I wanted on this sandwich, but it wasn’t for me – it was for someone I know, who then walked-up. I said I ordered already.  We all (seemed to be a group now) walked back to an outside cafe type area to eat. My parents were with me now, walking.  As we arrive at the tables the person I ordered for has already gotten there and is now sitting on the other side of the area from us, but my dad waves me forward to go over there with them. I held in my hands some meat and cheese that was supposed to be included on that person’s sandwich. I went over and laid it on their plate….

So, setting aside what this dream means for me personally, in the bigger picture is something for all of us.

  • Meat = the revealed Word of God that takes greater depth of understanding.
  • Cheese = the Milk, the Gospel, easier to understand Truth.

We each carry a portion of  “Meat” and “Cheese” specifically for the people God places in our lives. Following Father’s direction (waving me on) we will give them what we are supposed to give them and when. We don’t have to fret or wonder or try hard…time and circumstances are not in our control,  just do what Father says. We already carry, what He has already prepared for them.


Treasure Hunting

Buried Pirates treasure, Knights of the Templar hiding their treasure on Oak Island…the lure and the hunt have been on since any of us can remember. I for one enjoy the mystery and the adventure. The book: Map of Bones by James Rollins, the movies: Fools Gold with Matthew McConaughey and National Treasure with Nicolas Cage, and the History Channel show: The Curse of Oak Island all come to mind. The idea of finding hidden treasures captivates, fascinates, and excites people. Even metal-detecting includes this same lure to uncover something lost long ago.

It is an ingrained aspect of our nature to be excited by hidden treasures. Why?

treasure map 1

Well, for me, I see the fingerprint of God on us in this excitement over hidden treasure. I think it is for a reason and could lead us on an adventure; but I also see the question repeatedly alluded to in the bible: “What, Where, Who is your treasure?”

In the bible:  God likens himself to a sought after “Pearl of Great Price”, in another parable He is shown as a hidden treasure in a field and the person sells all to buy that land so the treasure is theirs, Paul warns that “where our treasure is there will our hearts be also”…treasures capture our hearts.

In 1 Kings 10 Queen Sheba seeks out Solomon and brings a full train of treasures to present to him when she “heard of the fame of the Lord” in Solomon’s life. It said she came with hard questions, but when she met with him “she communed with him with all of her heart” and that he “told her the questions of her heart”. The wealth and treasures she brought with her were gladly given away in search of what her heart was looking for from Solomon.

The wisdom of God that Solomon had caused people to seek him out for answers and they would give him excessive riches and treasures of all kinds. Yet, Solomon turned those treasures around and put them to use in the House of the Lord. The trees that Sheba brought him were made into: 1) two pillars to the house of the Lord, and 2) every bit of the remaining trees made instruments to play in the house of the Lord. The treasures given to him were not what he treasured.

In a dream I had, there was a large ornately carved wooden desk, like a teacher’s desk except for the beautiful carving work. I was shown a secret door on the inside panel, as I look at it – it opens and I see there is a drawer. Inside the drawer are gem stones, ancient coins, and (wasn’t clear what else). There are hidden things yet to be revealed. There are treasures yet to be seen.

Holy Spirit reveals to us the Hidden and Secret things of God. He opens the way for us to see and know the mysteries of God…but what are the mysteries of God? What are the Secret and Hidden things? What are the meanings of our dreams? What revelations are still awaiting the Bride of Christ? What are the Deep Things of God? How deep are they? Where is their depth? If God is a treasure buried in a field, why aren’t we digging? Where is our excitement for this kind of hidden treasure?

The treasure of God is still awaiting all of us. He will never pass away and the “haul” is limitless. God could be “mined” forever and we’d never reach the end of Him. Doesn’t it intrigue you what His mysteries are?

3 a.m Rendezvous

3 a.m Rendezvous. by Eternity Seeker

Her writing of the 3 a.m. hour with the Lord brought me right to my own chair and the incomparable time with Jesus in that hour.

It is the hour He wakes me with dreams, or with a song in my heart to sing, or with prayers already poised in my mouth to be spoken.

Nothing can compare. Nothing so sweet…

Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus

Just to take Him at his word

Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus

Jesus, Jesus, how I trust him!
How I’ve proved him o’er and o’er!
Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus!
O for grace to trust him more!

Day 14 – Deut.30:10-31:8

Hi all, sorry for disappearing. Too much going on – exactly what I’ve been writing about – but the Christmas play at the prison was successful I think. I’m not sure why the guys didn’t laugh considering Elizabeth was a man wearing a mop for a wig, speaking in a fake girly voice. I know I was having trouble keeping a straight face, that’s for sure. 🙂

Well, this month I’ve been seeking God on what 2013 would hold and this section of scripture stood out to me today. It’s about Moses preparing to die, and instructing Joshua and the Israelites on going into the Promised Land.

For me, I had a dream of the road I’m on changing, and because the “road” (if you can call it that) was actually land, but also looked to be a different type of land – I say for me at least – 2013 will involve a new land. Maybe for you too, as we all shift with Jesus into a new season and new time for the church.  New means we haven’t been down this road before so for all of us we need Jesus more than ever.

v.11 “For this commandment which I command thee this day, it is not hidden from thee, neither is it far off.”  Which is speaking of v. 10 – “If thou shalt harken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to keep his commandments and his statutes which are written in this book of the law, and if thou turn unto the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul.”

We have no excuse, the command is plainly written and for our benefit we must turn unto the Lord our God with all our heart and soul.

v.14-15  The choices we make daily come down to two categories: life and good, or death and evil.

v.16 Loving the Lord thy (making Him your God) God is to walk in His Ways, to live His Word = keep his commandments. This is to choose life and will reap us blessing and possession of the “new land” we are poised to enter.

God says 3 times “he it is that doth go with thee” – why would we fear if God himself goes with us?

God says 2 times “be strong and of good courage” – but He makes sure to tell us not to be afraid.

v.31:6 “Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.”

Part of my dream, was me being afraid of the enemy… but as I am released to travel this new road, He is with me. Jesus is with all of us who love Him and that must be my/our confidence and strength.

Previously I wrote about His Presence being on my arm as a piece of armor – Once again, we are back to His Presence going with us, His Presence being apart of the next move of God.

We don’t walk alone, whatever 2013 holds, whatever roads we travel.

Blessing or curse is up to us – He’s set the choice before each of us.

v.30:20 “That thou mayest love the LORD thy God, and that thou mayest obey His voice, and that thou mayest cleave unto him: for he is thy life, and the length of thy days:”




The Fowler’s Snare – Revisited

Something the Lord has been nudging me to do is to repost “The Fowler’s Snare”.  I’m sure He has a reason, so let’s look at this again.  I’m going to tweak and learn as I go – what new thing God might have in this message.

 This spring, at Women of Valor, we all received our wings, and this certainly has been a year of learning, growing, and going.  The dream I shared in the original post about a familiar office I worked in previously – is still unfolding and I am still seeing it active in what God is doing.  In this season of being given my wings I was also given a partner in my ministry, which is a meaning of the 70/72 represented in the dream.  Well, as soon as God starts moving to empower us the enemy sees the power and reacts.  The fowler’s snare is about soaring (in using our gifts), knowing the tactics of the enemy (who is against the use of the gifts), making us ready in wisdom and knowledge.

In Ps. 91 – this time around, I see being with Jesus as being high and lifted up off the ground of this life.  When we remain in Christ (which is: staying in the Word, prayer, and intimate relationship with Him) we stay seated with Him in the heavenlies.

Remaining and dwelling in Christ affords us all we need to walk this life in victory.  How do you read and interpret this sentence?

To remain and dwell in Christ is be given warnings and strategy ahead of the attack, it doesn’t keep away every attempt of the fowlers.

To remain and dwell in Christ is to be shielded and protected – when the attacks/hardships/troubles come.

To remain in Christ is to be given strength for the weaknesses we have.

Some might read this sentence as a blanket statement for a perfect life, believing it should be trouble-free with all hardships averted.  And then we become mad with God when the troubles come.  God hasn’t taken all the troubles away from this life, But He did make a way for us to have all we need for victory throughout our life.  By real abiding intimate relationship with Jesus, given by God to be our refuge.

(Ps. 91)  To be under His Wing is intimacy with Him.  If you are under the arm of someone you love, you are close…you are intimate with that person.  Under their arm, you are near their heart.  You have special access to their heart.  You hold a place of importance to them.

The nearness of Jesus’ heart – do we know the beat?  Are we close enough to hear it?  Do we know the intention of His heart toward us?  It’s only in the not knowing of these things we have fear.

The fowler’s in this life will make their attempts, as I listed out in the original post, but not one will succeed as we stay in Christ.  Because…“no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me,” declares the LORD.”  Isaiah 54:17

Abundance in Strange Places

During a prayer time the other night, Holy Spirit popped Luke 10  into my head. I quickly looked it up in my bible, not remembering specifically what that chapter was about, and found it to be a Word He spoke to me in a dream a few years ago. This dream was the confirmation to take my last job, the warning of losing my last job, and the assurance of the “opportunity” coming after that.

“After that” is a season…dessert season? I don’t know, I haven’t seen cactuses or lizards, or dust balls blowing by the house…I haven’t seen lack or been thirsty or hungry or alone…honestly, what I’ve seen of this season is increase! I guess some would say losing my job, a shrinking savings, and limited unemployment support is grounds for saying this season to be a desert season, and its true those are decreasing, but I still see the abundance is there and more is on its way.

(Get your bible, link provided) Luke 10 starts with a phrase that made me turn back a page: “After these things”. I flipped back to chapter 9 to see it was when Jesus called the twelve together, gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases, which is the start of their work, which is then carried over to the 70/72 to be sent out in chapter 10. Follow me?

Well, in v.10 of chpt.9 the disciples return to Jesus after going out “And He took them, and went aside privately into a desert place belonging to the city called Bethsaida.” This is where Jesus fed the 5000 with fishes and loaves. I have read that story all my life and never noticed that this place of an abundance miracle, the story pastors refer to when they speak of Jesus’ ability to provide and to do so abundantly was a desert place! Wow! That adds so much more to the message of His Provision for me and maybe for you too?

The definition of desert includes so many difficult issues we go through. Check out the meanings:

Desert: G2048
1) solitary, lonely, desolate, uninhabited
a) used of places
1) a desert, wilderness
2) deserted places, lonely regions
3) an uncultivated region fit for pasturage
b) used of persons
1) deserted by others
2) deprived of the aid and protection of others, especially of friends, acquaintances, kindred
3) bereft
a) of a flock deserted by the shepherd
b) of a woman neglected by her husband, from whom the husband withholds himself

There is Hope in all these areas! There is a great deal in there about loneliness, but if you check out the meanings of the other words in this verse you will see that Jesus becomes our companion, He will join Himself with us. He will never leave us or forsake us! Does He seem far away? He’s not, just start talking, He’s hanging on to every word you say excited for you to talk to Him and invite Him in.

I think of Elijah under the juniper tree. He ran there on purpose out of fear, it wasn’t a season God called him too, and yet – even so- regardless – there was provision. Why? Because with Jesus as our Savior and Lord, as a Child of God, there is Abundance for wherever we are, in whatever season, for whatever reason we are there…because He is our Abundance, not the nearest town, not the bank, not our jobs…just Him. Abundance is not just money, the joy He fills us with, the Hope…there is just so much more!

We rest on Sabbath, to acknowledge that He is our provision, not the work of our hands.
We work as unto the Lord in all we do, because it is He who is our boss and provider.
We tithe to Him, not our company, because He is our abundance, and our increase.

All Jesus asks is in v.20, “But who do you say I am?”

I hope you keep reading along with this and dig it out for yourself, there is much more… check out Pt.2 of this post – stay tuned!
God Bless you abundantly wherever you are, whatever season you’re in!

A Father’s Baby Book

I was in a palace, high marble type walls, red runner carpets down the middle of wide halls, with lots of people walking around. I was being asked to find something, to answer a question. I hurried past officials, and dignitaries, to His Chambers. I was there to ask Him, but there was a book in front of me…a book about me! It had my name on it, all the letters were formed by small jewels. What I read when I opened it was: Amy’s first letter “W” and Amy’s first word “Tru”.

This dream is amazing and touching for me in so many ways personally, but I’m writing about it for you! Please hear all this for yourself! Know in your knower that it is true for you too!

In heaven, in His Chambers, there is a book about every child of God! (He loves us all equally!) There is a book in Heaven with all of our names on it, which is the Lamb’s Book of Life (Rev.21:27), but there is also a book with just your name on it!

The book was made of a silk or satin like fabric, but the pages were not flimsy. For my book, the color was a pinkish/tanish mix color. I say that because I wonder if our books are as unique as He’s made each of us to be.

Written in actual jewels!
Small precious gems are formed out to write out a Father’s Book of His Child’s life. Like our earthly parents sometimes did, keeping track of our progress in the first years of life, so our Heavenly Father tracks all the little details of our life, but in its entirety. He used all the colors of gems, but Blue Topaz rectangle stones stuck out to me.

I had no doubt I could enter His Chambers to ask Him!
You are to have that same confidence and access to His Chambers to seek Him and ask Him anything! If He loves you as much as to write out your life, your first letters and words, in priceless jewels, why would you not be welcomed and wanted in His Presence?

I belonged!
The officials and dignitaries held no higher call to be there than I did! Actually, they were asking me for the answers, and I had a sense of belonging and access that they didn’t have. They were not entering in to His Chambers, but I was free to go in. We all have that same kind of access if we are a child of God! But the question is: Do you know it? He wants you to know it in your knower! He wants you to know who you are to Him, and in Him! He wants you to have confident access to Him directly!

His love for you is there; in every detail of your books structure and content, and is all around you throughout your life. He wants you to come to Him and ask anything! His banner over you is Love!

Song of Songs 2:4
“4He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love.”