Which way to Freedom?

We know there’s more to life and we want to experience it. Excited to experience all the adventures we can. We want to live life free! Which way do we go to find that?

There is a multitude who will say the freedom you are missing can be found by just doing it… (whatever it is…) They will offer all kinds of fun times for you to be included in. And who doesn’t want to be included?

Church life doesn’t seem very adventurous to a lot of people. Solemn pew sitting, bible reading, lip sync worshipping, lifeless services…yea, I get ya. How is that more fun than the party life?

Well, I submit to you for consideration that true freedom is not found in the ability to do whatever you desire. In actuality, following that path leads to captivity, shame, and regret.

The Kingdom of God really is an upside-down inside-out way of seeing things.

Perception is the tricky playground of the enemy.

True freedom is found in the healing that happens while in close relationship with Jesus. Ask Him for freedom from every chain that binds and get ready to dance in the victory.


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