Surprise is Critical

“What kind of Love is writing my story till the end with Mercy’s pen? Only You.”  Natalie Grant, Alive

A guest to the blog: Live Write Thrive, Nina Schuyler, states: “Research shows when someone is surprised, dopamine increases and emotions intensify up to 400 percent. Heightened attention ensues, and so does extreme curiosity, in an attempt to figure out what is happening during the surprise. Surprise also causes a shift – it forces a change in perspective. Your reader is hyper alert, curious, in the moment, a perfect state to tell the unexpected emotion and have the reader feel it.”

As I read this, suddenly, a surprise – God does this with us, as He continues to write our story!

We call it a Revelation or Epiphany!

“We live our lives as a tale that is told” Ps 90:9b

In the process of our life, God is writing new things into our life daily.  He tucks in the A-HA truth revealed, the hit-the-breaks WOW seconds, the surprises of life – where we stop… suspended in a moment…, but completely alert, curious, surprised, emotions intensified… just a split-second of time and our (possibly lifelong) perspective shifts. Now we see – what we couldn’t/didn’t see before.

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2 thoughts on “Surprise is Critical

  1. I love the picture you posted sometime ago called “Victory at Calvary”. it’s been a few years but that picture speaks to me. I am involved in a drug alcohol rehabilitation center originally founded by my church. We are faith based and have been In operation since 2003. We recently opened a women’s ministry which is in great need in our area. We are nonprofit, therefore we depend on donations to run this ministry. The students attend a 10 week (men) and 13 week(female) program at no charge. So, we are constantly trying to raise money. I am constructing a brochure for part of our display and advertising our ministry. I was wondering if you could send me a digital picture to be used on the front of the brochure. Also, if there’s a copyright, what is the cost? Check out our website, it’s not professional, but we are still growin! God bless and thank you,

    1. Hello there Mr. Hill,
      Thank you for visiting! I looked back at that post, didn’t remember, but I see the picture credit is: “picture found at:”. They would be the site to contact.
      I usually stick with “free to share” google images or my own pictures, but if provided by google I list the credit of where it came from.
      Praying your rehabilitation center grows and flourishes. It’s a vital need. I’ll check out your site.
      Thank you.

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