Fantasy Undertow

Movie’s like: Star Wars, Cinderella, and Harry Potter are all within the  Fantasy genre. And of course, Erotica, romance novels, and the adult movie industry are all completely immersed in Fantasy. Fantasy sells. People describe it as: Escapism, other-worldly… they want a break from reality.

  • Fantasy is the realm of dreams and imagination…
  • Reality is the world or state of things as they actually exist, the state or quality of having existence and substance

On one hand, dreams and imagination play an amazing creative role in life; in making movies, books, and art. But on the other hand, fantasy can have an undertow that will pull us in and down into a world where we aren’t really living, were we are just imagining a life. A world where we don’t have to face the realities of life and pleasure rules.

Be careful and aware of which realm you are in and living thru. It is a hard path to try to find reality again.

  • Out of fantasy, what we end up with in reality is totally different from what we wanted.
  • Proverbs 3:9 says we are to honor the Lord with our substance, but if we are living a life immersed in a fantasy life full of dreams and imaginations, what substance do we have to offer Him?

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