Wherever you are sitting right now, Jesus walks in and sits down beside you. With those amazing eyes connecting with yours, He says: “Tell me everything”

There may be people we can talk with, but no human can do what Jesus can do with what we feel, need, and would ask. Holy Spirit shows us/opens to us (John 10) how to pray, shows us what to pray, opens the door of revelation to be received (answer coming back to us), illuminates scripture to stand-on…

Colossians 2:6 talks about living in vital union with Jesus, bringing to Him our daily cares and concerns, and trusting Him with each day’s troubles. I don’t think this means the laundry list of items I’d disconnectedly rattle-off in prayer. Prayer has never been so much of an open-heart connection with Jesus until I started to just lay it all out there bare for Him to see, just telling Him everything, not holding back or spinning it to sound better than it is. I felt a peace and an unseen resolution to all that I shared – and He said something…

Jesus is there with you now friend and the awesome invitation sits next to you and says: “tell Me everything”

All of your thoughts, feelings, needs, wants, hurts and heartaches – He already knows, but willingly sharing all that is on our hearts, is an opening-up to Him that is a whole different way to pray and is a matter of trusting the One who saved us, to now also, see us through each day.

Wait’ll you hear His response 🙂



If we desire Father to call us out to walk upon the water, to lead us to where our trust is without borders, to go deeper than our feet will wonder/and may fail, to a life outside of this natural one where our faith is made stronger…
Why do we expect to know what we are doing?
Why do we expect to have-it-all-together?
What do we expect…what are we expecting, when we can’t actually fathom God?

Limitless life = Letting go of the expectations

(Song: Oceans by Hillsong United)