The Paths of Life

“To tell you my story, is to tell of Him” lyrics: Big Daddy Weave

Have you ever thought that “the valley of the shadow of death” was here and now in this life and that the “still waters” and “green pastures” were afar off? That, that type of goodness was for the other side of this life?

A fresh revelation on this: (Read Ps.23 as I list out what I was shown from what it says.)

The “paths of righteousness” are: varied and are all part of our growth and learning this side of our eternal life. The paths are all going to be part of our life story. Psalm 23 lays out the paths that we will travel in our lifetime. Check this out:

  • They can be: times of refreshing in the green pastures
    • and times of peace beside the still waters
    • or valleys/where death to self resides, pain, difficulties
  • They are paths of:
    • restoration
    • comfort in His provision and protection
    • victory over every enemy
    • blessing instead of defeat
    • anointing to our calling/in our gifts
    • abundance of His Goodness and Mercy
    • righteousness (Us becoming like Christ, and righteous in that they are paths He ordained for us to travel)
  • These paths can make us:
    • feel exposed, fearful
    • question God
    • thrill at His presence and touch
    • laugh, cry, sing, dance, cheer, doubt, believe
    • rest
    • aggitated and scared
  • They are paths that:
    • last all the days of our lives
    • dwell in the house (and heart) of the Lord forever
    • last forever

It’s true the enemy loves to mess with our ride: distorting the view, casting shadows of death, and throwing out road blocks…but they are all just shadows.

But God! The paths are a rollercoaster of excitement personalized and unique to each of us; yet, we will all encounter the same paths. It’s all about the attitude when we’re up in this altitude!

Life with Christ is an amazing adventure; we all get the ups and downs, we all get the thrills and chills, and we all get to the end victoriously…if we just hang-on to Him.

Just keep hanging-on. (In faith {attitude of confidence}, word {what we say lines up with what we say we believe}, and deed {putting action to our belief}.)