What Size?


Everywhere we go to buy food or clothes or whatever-a primary question involved is “What size do you want?” What size are you? How big or small should it be for what I need?

Dreams, thoughts, ideas, plans come in all shapes and sizes, too. Only in the Spirit is “God-Size” an option to consider. A few thoughts on God-sized dreams/plans/visions:

  • They are the “Road Less Traveled By”

Most people lean toward the safe and “normal” life. Afraid or just opting for comfort vs. risk, they avoid the adventure of God-sized dreams/visions/plans.

  • They are Limitlessly large round pegs

God-sized anything is not going to fit into the restrictively small square holes of religion or the acceptable norm of life, but they are infinitely limitless with possibility/potential/opportunity to know God and see God in ways you never would.

It’s where we step outside the realm of what we see and walk into a new world of walking by faith in bigger footprints than we can imagine.

  • Only Jesus can walk you through, support you in the midst of and throughout a God-sized dream/vision/plan

Few people will stand with you; many people will come against it or just walk away from you. A God-sized dream/vision/plan is hard for people to grasp-it’s a revelation given to you and those appointed/anointed to walk with you through it.

  • God-sized is where all the action is

That limitless life of stepping out of the boat, going above and beyond the norm, facing giants head on with just a sling-shot…it is where the battle is, but also where the most amazing Mountaintop views will be.

So, what size cup (life) do you want to “runneth over”?


Picture credit: https://www.twofunnygirls.com/Size-Cup-to-Order.html

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