Tangibility of the Invisible

Recently, I sold my home and seriously down-sized, which means I needed to give away a lot of my household items. Now, I’ll find myself standing in a friend’s home and seeing something from my house there. It’s an odd feeling to see my lamp or something I used to have in my home now residing in someone else’s home/life. I can still see where it used to be in my house. I started thinking about it and wondered if in the Spirit it is like this?!

The bible says when we touch someone’s life in some way we plant seeds…those seeds can be: learned truths that belonged to us and we passed on, faith we passed on, encouragement that provided a light to someone else when they needed it…

In planting a seed, there is a tangible something of the Lord given into their life.

glasses So, if we could wear “spirit glasses” for a day, would we be able to see something of us when we stood in a friend’s house? Would we be able to see those truths, light, faith…we planted in others?
I think so.

Heb 11:24-27
Col. 1:15-16
Rm. 1:20
The bible makes the invisible, visible. It makes clear that this life is so much more than what is seen, that what we see isn’t actually true reality.


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