Meat and Cheese

Dreamed: I was at a deli line, like Subway, telling the person what I wanted on this sandwich, but it wasn’t for me – it was for someone I know, who then walked-up. I said I ordered already.  We all (seemed to be a group now) walked back to an outside cafe type area to eat. My parents were with me now, walking.  As we arrive at the tables the person I ordered for has already gotten there and is now sitting on the other side of the area from us, but my dad waves me forward to go over there with them. I held in my hands some meat and cheese that was supposed to be included on that person’s sandwich. I went over and laid it on their plate….

So, setting aside what this dream means for me personally, in the bigger picture is something for all of us.

  • Meat = the revealed Word of God that takes greater depth of understanding.
  • Cheese = the Milk, the Gospel, easier to understand Truth.

We each carry a portion of  “Meat” and “Cheese” specifically for the people God places in our lives. Following Father’s direction (waving me on) we will give them what we are supposed to give them and when. We don’t have to fret or wonder or try hard…time and circumstances are not in our control,  just do what Father says. We already carry, what He has already prepared for them.


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