Trips Down South

Because sometimes we just have to laugh 🙂

Trips down south were pretty common for me years ago and have to be some of the best times I can remember. I think I’ve laughed over the stories of those trips more than anything else in my life; having fun reliving them in the telling of the tales.

One such trip, my Aunt Ann offered to help me drive, and Scott and June were along. The driving portion of the trip was pretty much uneventful, with an exception or two. J We checked into the hotel and settled in for the night. My aunt and I shared a bed and Scott and his mom shared a bed.

At some point after I was asleep, my aunt snaps up in the bed making the most horrible noise I’d ever heard. It sounded like a scary mash-up of a heart attack, a bad bout of Asthma, and someone gagging/choking on food…I spring into action, blurry eyed, and basically still mostly asleep but panicked. “Aunt Ann! Aunt Ann!” I start yelling, beating her on the back to clear whatever must be causing her to make that horrific noise.

“Da– it” Scott mutters over my shoulder “What’s wrong” he says “da–it” he growls again…the bedside wall light goes into a strobe light effect. “Aunt Ann! Aunt Ann!” I’m yelling bouncing around the bed still beating on her back. Scott cussing, light still strobing at warp speed…on/off on/off on/off on/off

“Why are you hitting me?” my aunt breathes… “You’re choking!” I pant. Scott finally gets the light on and stops cussing. “What’s going on?” he yells. “I thought someone broke in and was attacking you” he breathes, sort of relived and still mostly mad.

“I wasn’t choking, I was just coughing!” my aunt says. “Well, I sure haven’t heard coughing like that before in my entire life!” I declare sitting back…. A couple beats after that we all bust out laughing.

(Uncontrollable laughing that makes you feel like you can’t breathe has to be the best part of life.)

We can’t stop laughing. We try, we laugh again. “Why couldn’t you get the light on Scott?” I ask…we bust out laughing again… “The knob just kept spinning around turning it off just as it came on!” he manages to say between all of us laughing, now even harder still.

We try to calm down, but it’s there, trying to hold it in, bahahaha…we’re all laughing again.

“I still can’t believe you didn’t know I was coughing” Aunt Ann busts out laughing again…

We keep trying to go back to sleep…seems to be working this time. All is quiet.

“Thud” something large falls down on top of us, hitting Aunt Ann more than me… “I’m not turning that light on again” Scott grumbles…and just like that we all bust out laughing hysterically again.

The “lovely wall art” above the bed had somehow disconnected itself and fell right down on top of us.

Oh the grief they gave me, all day the next day, for “beating up” on Aunt Ann. Like horrific noises in the night are normal or something?!

The next night, all is quiet and I’m fast asleep, suddenly Aunt Ann makes that horrific noise again! Still mostly asleep, suddenly catapulted straight-up and out of bed at a run toward the door I stop and yell “I didn’t touch her!”. Aunt Ann and June start laughing and Scott grouches “I’m not doing this again tonight!”


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