Happy to Expose…

Been dealing with the enemy a lot lately. A good refresher not to be a host anymore.

Dreams and Other Things

In biblical love, we cover (not to be confused with “excuse”) the other person’s:  flaws, mistakes, offenses… But when it comes to the enemy, you know in me there’s no love to cover his behavior/tactics.  So, here I am happily typing away, exposing all that I possibly can!

In my recent research of the Egg, (not sure what that writing will become  yet) bacteria was a word I looked up. Bacteria lead to: autotrophic, and saprophytic – which lead to Parasitic/Parasitism = a person who exploits hospitality; earns welcome by flattery; an organism living in, with, or on another in dependence for existence or support without making a useful or adequate return; to leech, sponge off, self-seeking, clinging to for selfish reasons, laziness, dependence, opportunist; the behavior of a parasite: obtaining benefits from another to their injury. To infest.

In this world, we have a “parasite” called the devil.  The truth is that:

  • He will only…

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