Drop Anchor

There is freedom here, in these verses, for many in the church today: (Deut. 24:16, 2 Chron. 25:4, Eze. 18:20). Every man is responsible for his own sin.

It is Religion that would have us condemn our own brothers and sisters in Christ. It is Religion that promotes judgment, criticism, intolerance, and rejection of each other within the Body. Religion is still trying to crucify Christians.

Relationship with Christ covers each other with love, lifting each other up to the Lord where we are falling weak and stands along-side…willing to keep on loving that person even when they mess up. Relationship with Christ births unity by bringing resolutions to divisions that bring peace and joy to all involved. Relationship with Christ brings lasting true change to each person, in His timing. Relationship with Christ is where we can walk in obedience to the absolute truth of the Word of God and still love others who might be spiritual immature in places or who are still lost. We don’t have to throw out the Truth of God’s Word/what is sin and what is not to love all people – the Word, Jesus, already does love all people. (Even while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.)

Love does not condone sin, it sees beyond the sin to what God wants to do/and can do in that person’s life and that God loves them right there where they are at…just like He loved us before we were saved. Love died for us so we’d/they’d have a hope of being different and set free.

  • Holy Spirit does the clean-up work on each of us; He is faithful to complete the work He started.
  • The Bible says each man is responsible for his own sin.
  • God is more than able to handle all of us individually and all that is going on in our lives.

Let responsibility stay where it belongs.

Take off that weight/anchor that so easily besets us…


and be free.


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