3 Days in Raqqa

“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” 1 John 3:18 NIV

In Jonah’s day, he was asked to go to Nineveh. The capital city of Assyria. According to the bible, it was a great city that was 3 days journey long, and Jonah didn’t want to go because he knew in God’s great mercy He would forgive them.

In this day, ISIS members are the descendants of those people of Nineveh.

So, do we blame Jonah for not wanting to go? Doubtful we do. Jonah had witnessed the massacres committed by the Ninevites, who were just as bloodthirsty then as they are now. They committed the same, if not worse, atrocities against Israel as ISIS is committing today against “followers of the Cross”. Today they march, they video beheadings, they declare destruction, they are masters of producing fear, just as the Ninevites were.

And yes even today, God, our Great and Merciful God, would hear their repentance and save them. Headlines just today read of an ISIS man who just accepted Jesus.

So, in reading Jonah, God not only impressed me with His great Merciful heart that is open to ISIS members, but He also pointed out His absolutely fierce protection for His children against ISIS or any other threat.Lion of Judah post

Check this out, Jonah walked 3 days across Nineveh (think of spending 3 days in Raqqa – ISIS capital city) proclaiming their destruction in 40 days. Yet, he was entirely safe throughout the 3 days in their capital city. How fierce a protection that we could walk into Raqqa (only at God’s request) proclaim the Word of the Lord and come out the other side safe and sound.

Nineveh actually repented and was saved. ISIS is no different. God is still bigger and more fierce! Why does it surprise us?

  • We need to recall: Daniel in the Lion’s den was fine. I bet Daniel saw a fire light in the eyes of those lions that reflected the face of the Lion of Judah.
  • The 3 Hebrew boys in the fire walked with Jesus and came out without even the smell of smoke.
  • David faced 9ft. tall Goliath and his 700lbs. of armor and took his head!

Fierceness is our inheritance if we will but see it!

In this day, it is vital we do see. Our fierce God is a very real and present help in times of trouble and makes it clear in the Word that we will be protected in what He calls us to do. He commands His angels concerning us to keep us in all of our ways.

In the face of the threats, the fear that ISIS is trying to put on people/nations, God is pointing out who is really in charge of our safety. Him! Safety is not a place or circumstance – our safety is Jesus.

I would proclaim right now: The Lion of Judah is still fierce and capable of defending us. We have no need to fear in the face of ISIS. Do not accept the fear, it is a lie. Now is the day of the supernatural. With Christ all things are possible. Keep your eyes on Jesus.

Something else God pointed out to me as I chewed on Jonah’s story is Loving in Spirit and Truth.

How do we love when we know the truth all too well? Jonah knew the truth about the Ninevites, no mystery there as to what they were capable of…just like today with ISIS. We know their bloodthirsty heart right?

Loving someone in the truth/despite the truth is to love in and by the Spirit. It can’t be done in the flesh. Which is why God loves unlike we do.

Loving in the Spirit is also supernatural. It’s God’s Super ability added to our natural inability.

In God’s heart he loves ISIS members too…so, I believe and proclaim more ISIS members can and will be saved before the end of this world as we know it.

Only in Christ, Amy

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3 thoughts on “3 Days in Raqqa

  1. I fully believe that God loves all people on this planet! So, we need to be wise to defend ourselves, but also not loose sight of God’s Love for ALL!

  2. Amy, what a powerful post. One of your best ever. I especially love our safety is in Jesus and would add no one can touch even the hair on our head unless given permission. We have no need to fear, only walk in the fear and respect of our awesome and fierceful Lion of Judah! Lion of Judah on the throne, we shout your name let it be known!

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