The Bronze Laver

The Bronze Laver (Ex. 30:17-21) was made from the bronze mirrors of the women. It was placed between the Door of the Holy place and the Altar so that the priests, by commandment, would wash their hands and feet before going in and after coming out.

Bronze Laver

Recently, the Lord told me I shouldn’t be doing something in particular, which I didn’t even realize I was doing and wasn’t sure how I was even doing it. Today, in reviewing a log file of conversations I’ve had, suddenly it all became clear that I was in fact doing that very thing God showed me. That file of conversations was like looking into the Bronze Laver for me; the mirrors reflecting back to me what was really true about me and what I was doing.

Truth is hard! We hide from truth; we shield our eyes to it, don’t we? We don’t want to face that we could be wrong. We are told that we can’t offend someone by speaking truth. The world looks at truth like a hate crime today, but God is still and always will be about the Truth. Truth is who He is; He is not man that He should lie. (Num.23:19)

  • The truth does hurt, but it only hurts our flesh…which is what we are supposed to be dying too.
  • Only the Truth will set us free (John 8:32)

For the priests to come before God in the Holy of Holies required a cleansing of impurities, which the Old Testament shows as hands and feet being washed…but in the New Testament Jesus talks about White Washed Tombs and how our cleanliness is about our hearts. He said what is on the inside defiles the outside.

We all need a Bronze Laver in our lives.  We all have blind spots – places we aren’t seeing the “dirt” of sin in our life, or danger of compromise, or possible pain of disobedience. In my case, God was confirming what He already showed me.

  • We have to know and remember that God reveals to heal!
  • In that truth, we don’t have to be afraid to face what He’d reveal to us about ourselves

Taking a look in the Bronze Laver, what do you think a history of your daily conversations would reveal about you? What would the image of you looking back look like?

  • The Bible and God Himself, are our Bronze Laver.

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