Treasure Hunting

Buried Pirates treasure, Knights of the Templar hiding their treasure on Oak Island…the lure and the hunt have been on since any of us can remember. I for one enjoy the mystery and the adventure. The book: Map of Bones by James Rollins, the movies: Fools Gold with Matthew McConaughey and National Treasure with Nicolas Cage, and the History Channel show: The Curse of Oak Island all come to mind. The idea of finding hidden treasures captivates, fascinates, and excites people. Even metal-detecting includes this same lure to uncover something lost long ago.

It is an ingrained aspect of our nature to be excited by hidden treasures. Why?

treasure map 1

Well, for me, I see the fingerprint of God on us in this excitement over hidden treasure. I think it is for a reason and could lead us on an adventure; but I also see the question repeatedly alluded to in the bible: “What, Where, Who is your treasure?”

In the bible:  God likens himself to a sought after “Pearl of Great Price”, in another parable He is shown as a hidden treasure in a field and the person sells all to buy that land so the treasure is theirs, Paul warns that “where our treasure is there will our hearts be also”…treasures capture our hearts.

In 1 Kings 10 Queen Sheba seeks out Solomon and brings a full train of treasures to present to him when she “heard of the fame of the Lord” in Solomon’s life. It said she came with hard questions, but when she met with him “she communed with him with all of her heart” and that he “told her the questions of her heart”. The wealth and treasures she brought with her were gladly given away in search of what her heart was looking for from Solomon.

The wisdom of God that Solomon had caused people to seek him out for answers and they would give him excessive riches and treasures of all kinds. Yet, Solomon turned those treasures around and put them to use in the House of the Lord. The trees that Sheba brought him were made into: 1) two pillars to the house of the Lord, and 2) every bit of the remaining trees made instruments to play in the house of the Lord. The treasures given to him were not what he treasured.

In a dream I had, there was a large ornately carved wooden desk, like a teacher’s desk except for the beautiful carving work. I was shown a secret door on the inside panel, as I look at it – it opens and I see there is a drawer. Inside the drawer are gem stones, ancient coins, and (wasn’t clear what else). There are hidden things yet to be revealed. There are treasures yet to be seen.

Holy Spirit reveals to us the Hidden and Secret things of God. He opens the way for us to see and know the mysteries of God…but what are the mysteries of God? What are the Secret and Hidden things? What are the meanings of our dreams? What revelations are still awaiting the Bride of Christ? What are the Deep Things of God? How deep are they? Where is their depth? If God is a treasure buried in a field, why aren’t we digging? Where is our excitement for this kind of hidden treasure?

The treasure of God is still awaiting all of us. He will never pass away and the “haul” is limitless. God could be “mined” forever and we’d never reach the end of Him. Doesn’t it intrigue you what His mysteries are?


2 thoughts on “Treasure Hunting

  1. I love treasure hunting. And like you, I feel God has given me many treasures…I love your closing remarks…that God’s treasures are neverending and limitless! How exciting, not just for me but for my children and their children and so on and so on~~~~~brings hope to life~

    1. Thank you for the comment 🙂 I agree! How exciting the Limitless Boundless God we serve! 🙂
      Blessings to you Peggy

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