Adventures in Home-Based Driver’s Ed Pt.3

Ah the 80’s…big hair, big hair bands, fluorescent clothes you could see in space, holes in the jeans with the band names written all over them…looking cool was not going to happen driving an AMC Pacer! But that is what my parents told me to drive when I was in-between junkers. At least with the junkers being my own car it outweighed it being a junker on the coolness charts.

Car #3

Managing to make the sides of my hair flair out into dish shapes at my ears (picking up satellite signals) and poofing my bangs just right took time…and lots of Aqua Net…also, it was humid and it had rained so I had to put on extra layers of hairspray to make sure it stayed in place, which meant I was running late to catch the bus.

I hopped into the Pacer and took off. As I rounded the curves and hit the straight-away I must have really been hitting a good speed because all the sudden moving the steering wheel was different…it didn’t do anything and was really loose…breaks weren’t working either…I was just sort of flying over the gravel without actually touching it! This was different…

Lots of things go through your mind as your hurdling out of control…the sharp turn coming up was a big one and that to the right there was a cement drainage ravine thingy was another…not looking good in either case…hmmm

I could see in my mind the Duke’s of Hazzard playing out in this if I didn’t try to turn…I’d just go straight and soar out over the bank into an open field…but if I tried to turn I could flip or hit the hillside with the cement drainage thingy…what to do? Hmmm

I must have done something because next thing I know I’m careening toward the hill…it flips on its side before actually climbing the hill. Looking over at the driver’s side window I see the dirt road. That’s not normal either…

I crawled up the seat (it was one solid front seat in those days), grabbed ahold of the metal door handle and somehow managed to break it in half…hmmm what’s going on today? So, I roll the passenger side window down and pull myself up and out to sit on the passenger side door just in time to see the school bus going by. I must have looked like a Duke’s of Hazzard show sitting on a car that was on its side…

Missed the bus that day! And I know for certain I never would have learned more about Hydroplaning in high school Driver’s Ed…or about how wobbly a car is after you ram it into a hill, flip it on its side, and seriously bend the frame.  🙂


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