Adventures in Home-Based Driver’s Ed Pt.2

Those were the days…a minor driving the back roads unsupervised without a license and no one to care. I was free and driving, what teen doesn’t enjoy that? It was something I was good at and liked doing. I was starting to venture further out..down to the local mom & pop grocery just another mile or two away from our house. My parents were feeling confident in my driving. 🙂

Car #2

It was a sad day when the white civic went to the car parts place in the sky. But it was quickly replaced with an only slightly larger blue hatch back something-or-another that was again, a stick shift.

The snow that winter was heavy and deep. The normal routine was for my step dad to “bust open the road” by driving up and down and all over the road so it would be packed down and we wouldn’t have frozen ruts in the snow. This time, he asked if I wanted to do it! Enthusiastically saying yes, I trudged out to the car with my boyfriend and three other friends along for the ride.

We head out. Pretty easy-going, the snow was soft. Probably going a little faster than I should have, I headed down the steep riverbed hill. We were all joking and laughing when all of a sudden it sounded like the car exploded…BAM…we crashed forward in a complete white out. (the days before seatbelts)

When we landed, we all sat stunned….still a white blur…it was like I lost my eyesight except everything was white not black…slowly I started to see the sparkles of the snow as it thinned and landed on us. I don’t think we breathed until we could actually see.

One minute we were on the “road” and the next minute we were jettisoned up into the air and way out into the orchard field – spun completely around now facing back up the hill. The car was firmly and deeply planted and wasn’t going anywhere at that point. It took a lot of pushing against the snow, but we managed to open the car doors and hoof it back to the house.

When the car was finally exhumed from its resting place, both front tires were flat and the frame was slightly bent. It is still a mystery to this day what actually happened.

At that point in time I didn’t understand the valuable driving skills I was picking-up through my adventures…but in this case I can’t actually tell you what I learned.


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