Buddha’s “Enlightenment”

Over the millenniums, the truth of God through Jesus Christ has been diluted, perverted, twisted, picked-apart, and ignored. His truth is amazingly simple yet we will spend a lifetime making it as complicated as humanly possible. Or we will take one piece, an incomplete revelation we’ve received, or a word, and make it the whole of our religion/doctrine/theology. We’ve waged wars over that one piece, we’ve split churches, we’ve killed over grand illusions…

I have a book called: The Intellectual Devotional. It covers: Science, History, Literature, Visual Arts, Music, Philosophy, and Religion. Today the reading was about “the heart of Buddha’s Enlightenment” that covered: “The Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path”. What caught my attention was how much of the truth of God was “sort of” in there. (The “sort of” is a key to knowing truth from lie.)

From what I read, Buddha turned from the gods/goddesses of that day/culture and was seeking after something real, but sadly ended up settling for partial truth and a shadow of the One Real God he was seeking…illusions/delusions, which he warned people to avoid.

“The Four Noble Truths” don’t seem so noble to me, because all he does is acknowledge the obvious without actually doing anything about it. Buddha’s answer is to go to that place of nirvana to get away from the suffering, but Jesus – He can’t help himself! His overwhelming love for each of us causes Him to step into the place we are suffering to comfort us, heal us, set us free, and redeem us.

  1. Buddha: “There is suffering in the world”… Me: How is that enlightenment? It’s nothing new under the sun, but we are called by Jesus to help those who are suffering.
  2. Buddha: “Suffering is caused by desire”…. Me: Yea, greed/laziness (lack of desire)/pride/selfishness…the character and heart of a person are only cleaned-up by Holy Spirit, not by hiding from it.
  3. Buddha: “There is a state of being called Nirvana where there is no suffering”… Me: There will always be suffering in this world because of sin; but even in that, there is a Peace that passes understanding in Jesus. He walks with us through the sufferings of this world, gives us the victory over it, and takes us to others He can help through us.
  4. Buddha: “There is an eightfold path that leads from desire to nirvana”… Me: You will hear more accurate versions of these if you read the Bible and check out the 10 commandments…also, the words of Jesus who said to love your enemies and to love your neighbor as yourself.
    1. One of the eight is Concentration – to focus on the “Buddhahood” in others… Me: We are made in God’s image, not in the image of a religion or a belief…Buddha was sadly and greatly deceived.

Seems to me, in the Buddha teachings, there is much emphasis on getting away from suffering and finding peace. So, are Buddha followers really just looking for peace from their suffering? Most people looking for a god/religion are. Maybe that there has been so much hurt and pain in their life they need rescued from it? To them I say that there is a place of peace (Nirvana), but it isn’t in your own self – True lasting peace, true healing from the pain, to freedom from what is causing the pain is found in the person of Christ Jesus. He gives a healing and a peace no man can give, attain to, or obtain in any possible way.

The note: at the end of the page they noted that Jesus said similar things to Buddha, but that Buddha said them 500 years earlier. To this I point out that Jesus always said, He only said what he heard His Father saying…God, who has no beginning to His existence. The Alpha and Omega pre-dated Buddha. When Buddha went searching for a new god something other than God gave him some partial truths, but for sure what Buddha received wasn’t accurate, especially without the person of Jesus. What Buddha found was just another religion…an illusion meant to keep him bound-up and lost.

Millenniums ago, humans cried out for a king – even though God wanted to meet with them and be their God. They cast lots for pieces of Jesus while they killed Him, instead of embracing His offer of eternal life and relationship with God.  Relationship with the One True God through Jesus Christ is the difference and forever will be.

Why do we humans keep insisting on finding religions?


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