Dedication Day

In Luke chapter 2, hidden in the short account of Jesus’ dedication day, is a not so ordinary Dove.


Dedication Day

I am perched to be a witness, to keep my eyes on the Lamb

The temple is always busy, but today is different…God has breathed newness of life in the air. Simeon, a good and righteous man, is talking with Mary and Joseph. With a helpful nudge of my wing, he arrives to see what his heart has longed to see, what he was kept here to see – the Messiah, The Lord’s Christ, the Salvation had come.

I am the dedication offering, a glad sacrifice

The dove sacrifice is made and the blessings are offered from Simeon and Anna as they hold their eternity in their hands. Mary has received so many words to treasure and see unfold. Simeon and Anna tell everyone that Jesus is finally here.

I perch again, on Salvation’s Shoulder

“This is my Son in whom I am well pleased”…Jesus’ baptism day, God and I are so proud and excited. The endless amount of prayers being answered in this moment – no man could know – as the Hope of Glory rises from the water, man’s Eternal Hope is now on the move, Deliverance has come as a wild-fire and is now about to spread.

Wings soaring through the air, I saw it all. I was the witness of Christ’s life through the pen of the ready writer’s of the bible. I am the Fire in His eyes, I am the revealer of the truth in each person who believed in Him, and I hovered over His every step to Calvary. Jesus Christ, the glad sacrifice for every man and my way to come.

I am the Gift Jesus died to give

As they waited, as Jesus said to do, I came in like a Might Rushing Wind…I was the flames that touched them and empowered them. But I have not changed! From when I hovered over the deep in Genesis to when I entered into man at Pentecost, I am that same gift for you… I am the fire and the empowerment inside of you, the limitless God living through you…dedicated to you, dedicated to your life, hovering over your every step, just as I did with Christ.

Gone is the impossible, gone is the bondage – Now is the limitless, now is the Wind of my Wings and the Fire of my Presence.

(image found in google images with free to use and share rights)


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