Subtle Shift of Light

With subtle shifts in light

the horizon separates from night

Spiritual clarity and understanding dawn on us in much the same way, as God unfolds the deep things, the hidden things, His thoughts, His ways. He unravels the knots of our natural thinking, exposing the lies, causing His truth to rise and shine in the once dark places of our minds.

Gentle the fade, slow the motion, easy the turns

Holy Spirit shifts our darkness to light

By His power and might

Time passes, days turn to months…the skyline starts to glow. As we grow, we start to see a separation from who we were to who we are becoming. We start to see big gaps in how we used to think to how we now know God thinks. Who we once were is eclipsed by the dawn of who God is becoming to us and in us.

If only we knew that gentle hand;

the lines, the curves, the calluses

such a heavy and happy work

Shaping the clay, molding the clay, repairing the breaches

Testing and firing

Sanding and dusting

Those hands that work tirelessly,

never-failing, never leaving

The hole is there to prove

God’s work with us and through us never stops. Even when it seems it has, or we feel we’ll never change, or we come face-to-face with an addiction we just know we can’t break…He breaks it…

Or we slide down that slope of depression, the battle in our minds raging…He breaks it…

Or, frustrated with ourselves, we’re still listening to our flesh…He breaks it…


Before our very eyes

dawn breaks

There comes a point in our journey where things start to separate and it can be unsettling. But it is time beloved; the dawn must break…the dawn of a new day, a new life, a new way.

There comes a point where the old way of thinking and acting and feeling just don’t and won’t mesh with who you are in Christ now, or the truth of who Christ is to you now. Your spirit is speaking louder than your flesh now. You know your feelings can’t lead you anymore. Your will is set on following Christ, but your mind and emotions have to come under that will.

It is a place of division, a place of breaking, a place of change. But it is a brilliant place to be (borrowing Graham Cooke’s word). What will this new “day” hold? All things are possible. What are the limits of God? There aren’t any. We can count on a joyous adventure. The future is bright with the Glory of God in your life.

This is a great word from Stacey Blubaugh to encourage you to push past the limits you’ve placed with God and allow His fullness in your life. Hope you’ll check this out.


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