Sting/U2 Spiritual Mashup

For a lot of us, life has dealt many blows that have hurt us so badly we look for ways to keep that from ever happening again. We build walls and lock ourselves away; we just don’t want to be hurt anymore, what’s wrong with that?

But I’m starting to see there is a difference between me making my own fortress around my heart vs. allowing God to be my refuge and fortress. I’m starting to see that one allows life and one doesn’t. In one is a place of true peace and protection and in the other is a place of confinement with pain and fear.

I made a lot of walls, big walls, impenetrable walls, impressive walls, and surround myself for years. It really is amazing how sophisticated and elaborate our own efforts can be and yet never accomplishes what we really need. It also amazes me how blind I have been to how miserable it is to live behind all those walls.

But O, the deep deep Love of God, that overflows those “impressive” walls. Nothing I’ve built hinders Him from healing me and saving me, because my heart cries out for Him. That is the most Impressive of all things, the O so Great Love of God.


This is a mashup of two songs: Sting: Fortress Around Your Heart and U2: Only To Be With You. It is now more like a two-sided conversational poem between God and I.

“I went off to fight some battle that I’ve invented inside my head

Under the ruins of a walled city

Crumbling towers in beams of yellow light

The siege guns had been pounding through the night

I recognized the walls that I once made

I had to stop in my tracks for fear of walking on the mines I’d laid”

I’ve built this fortress around my heart

Encircled myself in trenches and barbed wire


“Then let me build a bridge

“I have climbed the highest mountains

I have run through the fields

Only to be with you

I have run

I have crawled

I have scaled these city walls

Only to be with you”

“Away so long

For years and years”

“we walked through its streets in the afternoon”

“Let me set the battlements on fire

This prison has now become your home

A sentence you seem prepared to pay”


I “felt the healing in” your “fingertips”

“It burned like fire…

I have spoke with the tongue of angels


You broke the bonds

You loosened the chains

You carried the Cross of my shame

Only to be with You

Only to be with You

I have scaled these city walls

Only to be with You, Lord


4 thoughts on “Sting/U2 Spiritual Mashup

  1. Amy,
    So good to see you posting again…like me, the Lord seems to be flowing through us again. How great is our God. The songs/poems are powerful. I can relate to so much of it. These words are my favorites:

    You broke the bonds

    You loosened the chains

    You carried the Cross of my shame.

    love you!

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