Adjusting Our Lenses

Tweaking the lens a bit, the image comes into better focus, the details become crisp and clear.
Our view of God, how we see Him, directly impacts how we relate to Him and how He can come through us to others.
(The following is an excerpt from a devotional. I don’t have a name to credit.)

“God modeled honor when He transformed us from slaves to friends, from orphans to sons. The God of the universe stooped down low to look at each of us eye-to-eye. A relationship where one person has all the power, leaving the other none, is one of dishonor, not honor. If honor is something expected, rather than something given, it becomes just a manipulative way of demanding the control, power, and value in the relationship. God did not demand honor from us, but instead used His power to make us powerful, insisting that we be equal partners in bringing Heaven to earth with Him.”


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