The Escort

I have noticed two things that proceeded: 1) a time of deeper intimacy with the Lord 2) a time of an inner healing and change 3) a time of spiritual growth

  • A heightened awareness of a need rose-up accompanied with a deeply heartfelt desire to seek God about it which poured out in prayer. I prayed that I would move closer to God, I prayed for Him to fix something specific, I sought Him to draw near and move mightily.
  • A call to seek God through fasting.

Holy Spirit is the One who leads and guides. He heightened the desire, spotlighted the issue to seek God for, and then inspired the deepened need for God to move closer and move mightily. (We only give back to Him what He first gives to us) Holy Spirit will bring to the surface what we are ready to seek God to heal/redeem/deliver/renew in us. He is an incredible Counselor. The ebbs and flows, seasons, and changes are perfectly timed and orchestrated by Him in His perfect caring wisdom for our life.

Holy Spirit, the Great Counselor, brings all revelation. Even our own self is hidden to us without His revealing power. The blinders are snug and the defenses high. Without Him, we would never find our way to the light. He knows when we are ready to move toward it. He will never step over the line we’ve drawn to stop Him.

“hunger is an escort to the deeper things of You” Misty Edwards

Truly, we need to hear from God more than we need to eat…hunger for Him, our Source for all things, including nutrients to live. (I am not indorsing radical fasting that leads to sickness or death. Let’s use wisdom and only fast as Holy Spirit directs us.)

I am also not saying that we should only fast food. When I first started fasting, I was called to fast TV for a month. Wow, what a time with the Lord and what amazing results I saw from that time! Not for what I have done, but by His Spirit and I do believe by a heart to give Him something that cost me much. A TV addict most of my life, it was not something I thought I was able to give to God – a whole month without TV! But, He met me in that month and propelled me even to years later where I am now. I have also experienced the call to fast food. I wasn’t sure I could offer that either, but what amazing provision to do it. Just let Holy Spirit guide you. He knows what He’s doing.

My thought on fasting comes from David’s heart: 2 Sam. 24:24 I will not give an offering to God that costs me nothing.

When Holy Spirit leads in this way, God is getting ready to move our mountains, descend into our midst, change us, and grow us up into greater depths with Him. Holy Spirit escorts us to the deeper things of God. He opens the way, walks with us, leads us, and guides us into all Truth.

We just have to take His arm.


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