Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Ralph Waldo Emerson lovingly visited the grave of his young wife every day for two years after her death. And though he was one of the great intellects of his day, ordinary people learned to love him for his sentiment and honesty. One New Englander said, “We are a simple folk here, but we understand Mr. Emerson because he speaks our language.” And he did speak their language. His lofty ideas and deep intellect were never wasted through arrogance or conceit.”

In this writing about Mr. Emerson, I was struck by how the heart speaks to the heart. Those people were not swayed by his “lofty ideas and deep intellect”, but they were deeply moved by his heart. His deep love for his wife touched people and opened them up to him in ways he could not have otherwise.

Jesus lived with his heart wide open and we are meant to do the same. I have lived for years, and others of you too I’m sure, surrounded by walls I unknowingly built trying to protect my heart….not realizing it’s my heart that I’m supposed to give out in this life. With Christ, it’s always all about the heart – His Great Love has to come out through our hearts to everyone we meet. No one should be missed in our loving.

They will know us by our love

John 13:35



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