Wild, Untamed, Reckless…

“Yea, God is a God of extremes. He doesn’t apologize for that.

He’s huge! In terms of His personality, His persona, the range of everything that He feels. And if you want to walk with God at a high-level, you’ve got to experience some of those extremes. He is wonderfully generous, kind, loving, beautiful… but He’s also wild and He’s untamed and He’s reckless and He is abandoned in some of the things He does. He will thrust you into experiences that are life threatening. But He’s confident that He can keep you. Cause He’s a keeper, yea.
But He takes you right to the edge of faith and then He’ll shove you off. He knows He can catch you 6 ft. from the bottom.
He’s not safe.
But He is wonderful.
He is amazing.
But he is not safe.
He’s incredible and astonishing
He’s just not safe
He loves you
But sometimes God is not safe.” Graham Cooke (from “The Secret Place”)


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