Journaling in Distant Lands; The Missionary

Interesting post I wanted to share. “He has found the true rest that this disciple prays for even as he writes these words.” rang out to me. Lately, I am looking to aim my attention and time at where God has graced me, because I believe where I’m graced to be/what I’m graced to be doing is that place of “true rest”. God Bless you, Amy

Resting in His Grace

100_1011Thorns and thistles grow with no effort for the missionary stationed in a distant land. This isn’t something we westerners often brood over until we stand beside them; see and feel their struggle through the endless trial-some task of gardening.

It is dark already when the weekly outside gathering begins. There are only solar powered lights sharing their remembrance of a sun that set some time ago and gave the way to a lesser light.

100_0713Besides the missionary, his family, and their ragtag visitors from the west, there are three in attendance.

My mind wanders back across an ocean to a mansion where a similar study will take place in a few hours. It will be well lit and climate controlled. I marvel at so great the disparity.

Our presence means there are not enough seats, so some of us share simple benches and small wooden foot stools. My mind wrongly entertains…

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2 thoughts on “Journaling in Distant Lands; The Missionary

    1. Thank you so much and blessings to you as well. I wanted to comment on your post to ask if you minded me reblogging, but I didn’t see the comment option.

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