Moonlight, Meteors, and Bluebirds

This post has been brought to my mind a few times lately, so I thought it needed shared again.

Dreams and Other Things

How does Jesus talk, to you? How does He touch you?

moonlightWhen God set the lights in the sky and then set the moon and sun in their place, He knew there’d be a night like this…moonlight coving my arm like a blanket.

I talk to Him in a moment like this, because I know He is there and is listening. In a moment like this, I know He’s near. In a moment like this, I listen. In a moment like this, I’m overwhelmed by His touch/presence.

I’m so thankful we serve a God like our God! Who steps into our world to be there for us, to be near us, to love us… He is not a statue in a building, or a hope for sometime in the future…He is in our moments with us. We just have to have the eyes to see Him and ears to hear Him.

May Jesus…

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