Unceasingly Magnificent Pt 2

Just after writing the first post: “Unceasingly Magnificent” I received what looked like an answer to prayer, a job opening closer to home with a higher salary. Since my vehicle is duck-taped and rubber banded together,  I was thrilled and thought it was God’s answer, but it actually didn’t work out. It was a real let-down on hopes I’d built up pretty high.

at this point what do we typically do?

Being transparent here, I used to wallow for days, having a big pity party, and actually blaming God or thinking of Him as mad at me or punishing me or thinking bad about myself and degrading myself…my thinking has been totally wrong about who God is and what His heart is like.

I am thankful to say this time around that same ole block I decided to declare God to be unceasingly magnificent in that situation – even in the rejection and loss in it. I decided to Praise Him and speak positive truths about Him and about me in that situation. They lost out on a talented hard worker. (we can say that about ourself if it’s true and not be prideful)

I do think little tests come along to show us how we really think and feel…and also how we will determine to react. Remembering that just because we feel something doesn’t make it truth and remembering His Greatness and Power. Steadfastly refusing to take the bait of offense toward God the enemy gladly offers us in disappointing events.

Declare His Unceasing Magnificence – no matter the circumstance.  Circumstances shouldn’t alter our heart for Him.

Blessings, Amy



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