“Unceasingly Magnificent”

“God asked me, “What would it do for you to know I am unceasingly magnificent?”” Graham Cooke.

This was a question God asked Graham, and he shared in a series called: “The Secret Place” at a church I attended in Frederick Maryland some years ago. I have often thought of this question since then, and still do. I pray, seeking to know Him as unceasingly magnificent. I ask to comprehend it, but I don’t yet.  So, I ask you dear reader, what would that do for you? What impact would it have on your life, in whatever your current situation is right now, to know that God is unceasingly magnificent?   Would you pray differently?  Would you worship Him differently?

Kinda boggles the mind, right? I think we have a hard enough time figuring out God is Good, but check out the other related words to magnificent…

Magnificent: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/magnificent

Synonyms: august, baronial, epic, gallant, glorious, grandiose, heroic (also heroical), Homeric, imperial, imposing, magnific, grand, majestic, massive, monumental, noble, proud, regal, royal, splendid, stately

Related Words: colossal, monstrous, prodigious, stupendous, tremendous; kingly, lordly, princely, queenly; awesome, awful, cosmic (also cosmical), sublime, wondrous; formidable, impressive, prepossessing, redoubtable; apocalyptic (also apocalyptical), inflated, operatic, overblownmarvelous (or marvellous), superb, terrific, wonderful; extravagant, lavish, luxurious, opulent, palatial, palatine, sumptuous; gorgeous, resplendent, splendiferous; extraordinary, killer, remarkable, sensational, striking; celestial, divine, heavenly

My life, our lives, could not remain the same if we could but see and know our God in his actual greatness.

Knowing who God is and what He is really like radically changes us and how we see ourselves.


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