Pitching His Tent

“I waited patiently for the Lord; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry.” Ps. 40:1

‘Incline’ here, in the Hebrew (5186), has to do with spreading out as in pitching a tent, to stretch out, to extend…sounds like making yourself comfortable for a long visit, right?

So, as we “wait patiently for the Lord”, he is pitching his tent in our life, in our situation, in our midst. He really is doing something.

For us, “waited patiently” is stretching out our flesh, being still (Ps.46:10) isn’t what our flesh will want to be doing, listening rather talking stretches our flesh…but as we stretch ourselves toward reaching Him, He stretches out His tent (dwells with us, establishes His Presence, makes His habitation) in our midst, listens to us, and enters into our life, our circumstances, our situations.

“heard my cry” – it doesn’t say David spoke…it says he waited patiently for the Lord…David’s heart was crying out and the Lord heard. It’s in the waiting…so much happens in waiting on the Lord. Letting ourselves be still before Him. Letting Him be God – in our mind and heart and will. Letting that time be for Him, and about Him.

It is in time spent with someone, listening to them, we truly come to know them, and David was truly getting to know God. So much so, that David’s tabernacle wasn’t like Moses’ tabernacle….but that is the next post.

It is such a beautiful relationship He desires to have with us. 🙂 I pray you experience the fullness of it!

Blessings all,


2 thoughts on “Pitching His Tent

  1. Love this Amy, it seems when I neglect to take the time to listen, the Lord has a way of shutting me up to Himself. Everything else takes a back burner so He can pour his love, mercy, and grace upon me. Yes, he stays, dwells, tabernacles with us and holds the script for the day. All the waiting and wondering will be sometimes answered, but relationship can’t wait. It’s right now! During my prayer study, I thought of the tabernacle in the desert and the 4 coverings it had on it. I taught flannel graph study with Child evangelism years ago and learned it. I think I need to relearn what those coverings are. Ever done a study on that?

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