Golden Nuggets 4-2-14

Ok, so “Golden Nuggets” posts will appear at random (no telling when – I’m crazy that way), where I will pass along small, simple, yet powerful nuggets I come across.

I believe knowledge to be critical in the Body of Christ – “we die for lack of knowledge” right? “We have not because we ask not”, but might not have known we could ask, because no one shared…we need to communicate! So, in my effort to communicate to you my fellow “Body” members out there I will pass on the special, the meaningful, the outstanding thought, the idea to chew on, the questions to ask, the inspired, the encouragement…whatever Holy Spirit nudges me with that I come across. 🙂  See the first post below.  Bless you greatly!


Sometimes we have no idea why we react the way we do to people and situations, or why we just thought what we just thought, or said what we just said. Sometimes we are aware that somewhere deep deep down inside of us through layers of stuff there is something hinking up the works in our life…but what?

Starting asking God this question: What is the root of this?

Keep asking until you get the answer, and expect that: “He reveals the deep things of darkness and brings utter darkness into the light.” Job 12:22 NIV


3 thoughts on “Golden Nuggets 4-2-14

  1. Thanks for sharing this Amy. I like it because it got me thinking.

    Recently I asked the Lord just why my grief has been so great. It seems like He just keeps digging stuff up, then I look at it, and I pray for release and healing.

    I asked Him during the Ladies retreat at Grafton, why we’ve had to move so much and why it looks as though it may happen again. The thought came, because the root had to be revealed…the root of fear of abandonment. Oh boy, He took me deep, back to some stuff my mother experienced and how it affected me. I realized I was afraid to look at the pain and guess that’s why He kept the tears coming.

    So anyway, I said to DAve the other day; Sometimes the Lord has to break our hearts so that his truth can break through the broken places. I have a little vase that has holes in it and I love to put a candle in and let the light shine through the open holes. So these gaping wounds or holes in our lives are meant to be healed and sealed by the Holy Spirit, no longer wounds, but open places God can shine His light through so others can be touched and He can be glorified. Does that resonate with you?

    One more thing before I go. The Lord showed me…in connection with root of fear of abandonment…a little plant…looks much like the plants we buy in the spring… There was no big roots, actually it looked like someone had cut the root clean away. The the next plant I saw had only tiny roots within the rich soil.

    My roots only are planted in the soil of God’s love. As the scriptures say we are to be rooted and grounded in His Love. So this world is not my home, just a passing through…


    1. Yes, I too have been going through much of God’s working in me. He has been doing a lot.
      It’s great to hear all that He is doing in you and to see what He does through is wonderful.
      I know you will follow wherever He leads, but I will miss you.
      Lots of love

      1. Not gone yet…so we have time to be together. Look forward to writers conference in May. This is going to be great, and so close to home.

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