The Place of Peace

There are a lot of people looking for peace, there a lot of hurting people in need of real lasting peace, but I don’t see or hear too many who have found it.

In preparing for a class I teach, the Lord lead me to a teaching on the Lord’s Prayer. A british pastor, Dr. John Belham, likens the prayer to a house, and each phrase of the prayer as a room, or aspect of a room. The first room is: “Hallowed be Thy Name” – we enter in, by invitation, to His House, and into this Great Entrance Hall we come face-to-face with Him, by His Names.

Prince of Peace captured me this morning as I entered the grand hall to pray:

If you are a Prince, you are a Prince over a land or country or kingdom, right? It’s a place. Peace is the Kingdom of God and Jesus is Prince of Peace – is how it was laid out to me. So, as Prince, he can and will give to us from His Kingdom – “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you; not as the world giveth, give I unto you.” John 14:27.

His peace isn’t of this world, it doesn’t exist here. Receiving from the Kingdom is about Sonship. We can’t expect to inherit something if we aren’t apart of that family, right?

I believe that through relationship, developing intimacy through time with the Lord there is a Peace that is like a river, it keeps flowing, and it doesn’t ever stop – no matter our circumstances, even if we are thrown for a loop and will be in this life, that perfect peace is still flowing into us from the Throne of God.

  • To approach the Kingdom to obtain peace or anything else, any other way than by relationship and sonship through Jesus Christ, will yield only grief for us. It is a striving and working that yields us frustration and disappointments.
  • To strive, work, and demand want we want of the Kingdom without being a child of God, heir to the Kingdom and it’s benefits, is like storming the gates in hopes to conquer Jesus to take what is only His to give us.

Luke 15:31

As a child, a son, an heir, we are connected to the Father and given freely all that we have need of. We just need to know it, and rest from our striving, grabbing, and works, and enter in to that Grand Hall by invitation, hallowing His Name(s), that His Kingdom would come into our life and flow out to others…but that is another room and maybe another post 😉

Blessings, amy

Book info: For further information about the book, the chapters are available to read online or download at this site as well. The book is: “Lord, teach us to pray”



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