I’m so proud to introduce “Thru the glass darkly” – A God inspired blog by a fantastic Pastor in my church. I pray much blessing on her, her writing, and her new blog 🙂 Lots of Love to you Ps. Michele!

Thru the glass darkly

Spring is peaking around the corner here in beautiful Appalachia! Trying to push her way thru the remains of the winter season.  I am pulling for spring, not because its my favorite time of year, well……yes…yes that is why, also because this winter has had us all closed in for, in my opinion, too long.  Sometimes we (as in all mankind)  can tend to get discouraged that our skin will never feel the warm sun again or that we have constantly watch for ice when we are walking.  Basically being uncomfortable.

That can be the case with our spiritual lives.  We go thru spiritual seasons the same as physical, there are spiritual seasons when we can feel God so close to us, walking with us, hearing His voice.  Only to find ourselves in a new season that we feel as far away from Him as the sun is from the earth in winter. 

During these “winter” times, don’t loose heart! These are very special times when spiritually…

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