Got Gifts? What’s It All About?

Eph 4 - What it's All AboutI started out thinking the gifts (as listed in the bible) were for others, more favored, more holy, more something that I was obviously not going to be…
Then, as I grew a little, started to want gifts. Then, I knew I could have them. At that point, I started to see some that I did have… At some point after that, I see now, I was even a little lost in the idea that the gifts were what it was all about, that there was importance in the gifts, and it seemed to me that people with gifts within the church were esteemed at a higher level. I went in pursuit of what gifts I have, and, sadly, focused on being recognized for them, as I thought others were. Thankfully, few people I know catered to that desire.
So, what are the gifts all about? Well, I believe I received an excellent teaching by Jesus, the Greatest Teacher, the other day. Holy Spirit lead me to Ephesians 4. I camped there reading and re-reading the verses between chpt.4 and 5. The PowerPoint slide is what I believe was shown to me, to give you a visual.
As I read, I started to see a flow to the words, I could picture a flow chart as I started reading: “There is only One Body” down. We are all part of One Whole. Not one of us better or more needed than the others, but all equally precious and valuable to the One God, our Father. From whom, all things flow down into the Bride. The Bride being the point of it all. The Bride is “what it’s all about”!
God is preparing, loving, forgiving, and equipping His Bride…and in that effort He places servants to aid in Her preparation. Like Esther being prepared to see the King, she was helped and aided by eunuchs of the Kings’s Household. These servants cleansed her, fragranced her, anointed her with oils, taught her the ways of the Kingdom…what a beautiful real life picture of this very flow chart in action.
v. 11 “God places some apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors, and evangelists” as servants to prepare us, just as King Ahasuerus placed his eunuchs to ready Esther. These specific gifts, and all of our gifts are to edify and serve the Bride in her time of preparation. It is a mighty and holy task. Only trusted servants would be allowed near the Queen-to-be. Only equipped and able servants would be asked to help her. Yet, it didn’t make them greater than Esther herself. She was still the object and focus of the whole process. She was the one being prepared to see the King.
Praise God! I do believe I see with clearer eyes now, what it’s all about. I hope it helps shift your perspective as well.

2 thoughts on “Got Gifts? What’s It All About?

  1. I’m conducting doctoral research on Spiritual Gifts. Do you have other material, resources & info that you can share with me please?

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