Spiritual Ticks

Hi all,
I re-read this tonight and felt the need to repost. I hope it is a blessing to someone.
Blessings, Amy

Dreams and Other Things

Dream: TV show characters were talking; another cast member comes up and says she’s got a tick in her eye. Then I am that woman, and I have that tick in my eye. No one would help remove it, they all turned away and avoided me so as not to help me. I called my Dad, I asked if my sister Libia was there and that I needed her help to remove a tick, to which he replied that would be fine. She was there, and willing to remove it.

For me, this dream was about that show/the wrong desire to watch it being a spiritual tick that needed to be removed, and going to my Father, to get Holy Spirit’s help was the only way to remove it. So, why share this? Well, I believe God was showing something that all of us need to be aware exists.  Spiritual Ticks! …

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