O Christmas Tree

Tis the season to consider again the symbols of Christmas and all that they hold. 🙂 Christ, our very real Present.
Merry Christmas early all!

Dreams and Other Things

The tree is the center attraction, Christmas central, in most homes. The boughs are hung by the chimney with care, candles, snowmen, santa’s… you name it it’s all out everywhere, but the tree is where we all gather. We open gifts around it, and sit looking at the pretty lights while all is quiet with everyone tucked up in bed.
What do we see?  Western-20111117-00604

A green pine tree, fake or real, either way it’s a pine tree. As we all know, Pines are trees that stay green no matter the season. They are still green when all others have faded and withered for winter. Some would say the reason we use them is because it’s the only tree alive this time of year, or that the real trees bring a wonderful fragrance into the house, but this year the symbols are standing out, ringing out the True reason for the…

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