Blessing to the Nations

EarthJesus has been speaking “Nations” to me for a while…lately, it’s been specifically to write this post.

His heart is for all people, of all tongues, and all nations. There is not one race Jesus doesn’t love, and didn’t die to save.

He is thinking of you right now, wherever you are, and in whatever is going on – He is there.

I started with the locations WordPress shows are viewing my blog:

Sending lots of love your way!

Africa: Mauritius, and Egypt

Asia: Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and TW

Europe: Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, and Spain

North America: USA, and Canada

South America: Brazil, Columbia, and Argentina

 Jesus Loves You

Jésus vous aime

يسوع يحبك


Jesus Loves Anda


Иисус любит Вы

Jesus liebt Sie

Isa sizi seviyor

Jesús te ama

Jesus ama você

Gesù vi ama


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