_______ the Victory of Calvary

Where on earth have I been? Studying! Good news is at the end of this class I have earned my Diploma of Theology, bad  news is I have no time to write much of anything. So, I’m sneaking this in with my homework time. 😉

In my latest class, one of my questions for the test is: “The responsiblity of the Christian today is to _______ the victory of Calvary.” The multiple choice answer options are: A. enforce; B. undermine; C. live; D. allow.

Sue Curran, the author and teacher of this class, wrote this: “Though in our experience we had established a solid foundation of prayer principles, we were being introduced to a new level of authority, focus, and greater revelation of the supernatural power of prayer that brings greater biblical results. This new dimension of prayer teaches us to focus on recognizing the defeat of the devil (which Christ accomplished on the Cross) and to insist on his immediate release of every good thing that God has promised to His children.”

The question stood out in my mind and inspires me to pursue this new dimension, new focus in prayer. How about you?

I think we can safely cross out: “undermine” and “allow” from the multiple choice list. Now think/consider/meditate with me on the last two words: “Enforce” and “Live”!  Through prayer we can enforce the victory of Christ on earth…Through prayer we can live the victory of Christ on earth!

victory-at-the-crossJesus said we are “to do greater things than these”, and “Do not fear for I have overcome the world”. Jesus’ great commission to us: “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…” Matt.28:18-19

The Cross was the highest price, it is priceless and has accomplished everything – NOW we are to apply that permanent victory to our everyday life! Standing in the midst of the storms saying: “Jesus won this battle. Get your hands off devil in the Name of Jesus. I stand on Christ’s Victory over this situation. Show me Lord how to walk in that Victory!”

I’m just beginning this course, but wow, what a truth…what a Gold nugget! Apply the Cross, it’s what Jesus wants! It’s what He died for! That we would have the Victory in this life! We are more than conquerors through Christ who strengthens us!

Books listed by Sue Curran: The Praying Church, and Prayer In Another Dimension

picture found at: perciparas.wordpress.com

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