You Wouldn’t Know Me

unity in christIf you have visited churches over the last, let’s say 15 years, you may have been hurt a time or two. I’m not saying all churches are bad, and I’m not saying every church will hurt you. Please don’t misinterpret me here.

But I will say from my experiences, there are a lot of hurt people within the Body of Christ not connecting to other Christians, and there are people in the Body who are hurting their brother or sister in the Lord Jesus. Well, that has to stop. And if you have been hurt, please know this is not something God, Jesus, or Holy Spirit are in or are about or are apart of.

“You Wouldn’t Know Me” is not my claim to be a poet. Honestly, I doubted putting this out there because I don’t know what I’m doing – poetically. 🙂  But these words flow from some old wounds  that needed to be expressed.


come and go

a smile

a nod

But never

anything more




But never

entering in


I filled a chair

took a space

never experienced

a warm embrace







without a word

Did you know we were there?


O, for the great love

we hear

spoken of


We risk it all

for just one touch

His gentle hand

His loving touch

The only One to care

The only One we want

He is there; in those wounded places. He is an invisible God, gathering His invisible ones to Him. Jesus, our wounded Savior, touching the “leper”, healing the unaccepted wounded heart.

As we go into a new season in the Body of Christ, it is my personal belief that those who have been rejected and have been invisible will play a special part in God’s new move.  I pray all of the church wounds heal, all of the internal strife will cease, true forgiveness and grace will take over, and true unity will arise in the Name of Jesus.

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