Happy to Expose…



In biblical love, we cover (not to be confused with “excuse”) the other person’s:  flaws, mistakes, offenses… But when it comes to the enemy, you know in me there’s no love to cover his behavior/tactics.  So, here I am happily typing away, exposing all that I possibly can!

In my recent research of the Egg, (not sure what that writing will become  yet) bacteria was a word I looked up. Bacteria lead to: autotrophic, and saprophytic – which lead to Parasitic/Parasitism = a person who exploits hospitality; earns welcome by flattery; an organism living in, with, or on another in dependence for existence or support without making a useful or adequate return; to leech, sponge off, self-seeking, clinging to for selfish reasons, laziness, dependence, opportunist; the behavior of a parasite: obtaining benefits from another to their injury. To infest.

In this world, we have a “parasite” called the devil.  The truth is that:

  • He will only and can only ever be a slightly off facsimile of the real deal – God.
  • He is a form of godliness but lacking in the power of God’s Kingdom.
  • He is some truth that is always mixed with lies.
  • He flatters to puff up the pride, which is to our ruin.
  • He is self-seeking in all he does – whatever he makes you think you’re getting you will receive nothing.
  • He leeches life out of us in all that he turns our attentions too, perverts our lusts to go after, and alternatives he provides to fill our humanly voids.

More truth from the definitions above:

  • The devil is a parasite who requires a host to feed off of.
  • His purposes are always to our injury.
  • He infests as much of the mind as he is allowed – the first and primary battleground in our life is our mind.
  • He is dependent on us, which is totally opposite of God!

As a parasite, he requires a host to feed off of, to live off of, to work through to accomplish his purposes.  But with God, He is not dependent on us to accomplish anything. Genesis shows His ability to create mankind and the earth we live on, Jesus being raised from the dead shows God’s power over life and the enemy. In Luke 19, the Pharisees tell Jesus to quiet the people worshiping Him as He rides into Jerusalem on the colt. But Jesus says:  “I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.”  God can make donkey’s speak, and stones cry out.rocks cry out

All He asks of us is: obedience, produced out of love for Him.  In return we receive unimaginable blessings both now and eternal.

  • Catch the word “return” – parasites take but never give in return.

Are we loving God in return or are we taking and taking and never giving Him obedient love? He won’t abide parasites for long, just as we shouldn’t.

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picture credit: 4_dont‑let‑the‑rocks‑cry‑out.jpg \questionsfromthesoil.com


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