This poem (By Whimsygizmo’s Blog) stirred up feelings I have had and maybe you do too…to go somewhere else and be someone else…to drive away from all that is for something else…anything else. Jesus hears that ache; He reaches in to that place.
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Whimsygizmo's Blog


She gets in and knows nothing,
except that maybe that yellow
dashed line might lead her some
-where else, some place warm
and silent and sans sorrow.

She’d wait ’til tomorrow, but
the last straw has sucked the
life out of her, camel needs a
chiropractor, heart needs some
highway triage. Stat.

For some time the flat buzz
of the
……….(ass’s fault)
asphalt will do, and then
somewhere around mile 102
her autopilot kicks in,
right hand reaches out to turn
on the radio. Coldplay moans
low and slow, a familiar song.

…………………She hums along.



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