For the Love of a Goose

canada_goose     In a field off the exit near my office there is a Canada Goose. It has been waddling around and sleeping in one spot for over a week now. Why? It is watching over its dead mate. Only the feathery body remains, but the faithful spouse remains close.

I have been watching this as I go to and leave work. I’ve even prayed, wondering if there is something I’m supposed to be getting from this…it’s so sad.

Then today, in a quiet moment I opened my bible and was nudged to Proverbs where I saw this:  “Many a man claims to have unfailing love, but a faithful man who can find?” Prov.20:6

As they say: “Words are cheap.” Many people claim a lot of things, but are their actions proving their words to be true? “a faithful man” is the action the writer says will prove the claim of unfailing love.

Do our actions prove our words?

In the corporate body of Christ – are we standing by the people who are “dead in their sins”, who maybe offend us? Are we standing by our brothers an sisters in the Lord through whatever they might be going through?

In relationships – are we running away when we should be “standing close”? Do we remain faithful even when it’s the hardest it’s ever been?

In life – do our actions prove the many words we speak about Jesus? Do our actions prove our beliefs?

Paying attention to people’s actions reveals much. If you want to know if you can believe someone, look to their actions.



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