The Lion is the Lamb

Lion and Lamb I’ve always thought of a lamb as ignorant (unknowing, simple), helpless, and defenseless. I always thought referring to Jesus as a Lamb was to indicate a different side of His character…that there was the Warrior side of Him that was the Lion, and then there was the cuddly meek side of Him that was the Lamb. But at church on Sunday I saw something different.  God began to reveal the sheer power in the Lamb. I’ll try to relate this, but it’s proving hard to do so hopefully it comes across.

On the wall in church last Sunday was a picture of Jesus with a Lion and a Lamb. In looking at the lamb, God began to reveal to me the sheer power in the Lamb – registering the power of the Lion in my mind toward the Lamb.

Have you ever looked into the eyes and face of a lion? There’s a fierce intensity. There’s no doubt; not one shred of doubt in those eyes as to its authority and power over its domain. And we happen to be God’s “domain”.

The heavenly plan: to rescue; to set His Children free forever from sin, sickness and death, ultimately removing all power the enemy has in this world.

It would require a sacrifice to atone for the massive sin debt – a once-and-for-all-sacrifice. It would require no ordinary Lamb offering to break all powers of darkness and break all of hell wide open – stripping satan of all his powers and freeing all humanity throughout the end of time…nope, no ordinary Lamb would do.

Jesus, with fire in His eyes said “Send me”. The Name to which every knee must bow, the Victorious Warrior Jesus, clothed himself as a Lamb – but to be sure, all of the Sheer Raw Power of God was over Him and came with Him. The Lion of Judah was inside that Lamb.

Every step He took here was with one purpose in mind – Victory.

He took the form of an infant child, helpless – but do not doubt for a minute there would be anyone allowed to harm Him with God watching every heart beat.

Jesus would grow and walk to that Cross; with no power in hell stopping the Lamb of God from winning that Victory.

Jesus doesn’t have a dual personality. He’s not bi-polar. Even in His love, Jesus is fierce. Even in His gentleness, there is all the Power of God. Jesus was a Lamb who knew what His sacrifice meant. He was a Lion determined to fulfill a powerful mission to be the Lamb offered up for us. This Lamb was in no way helpless or defenseless. This Lamb, the once-and-for-all-sacrifice, is the Lion of Judah and “it is finished”.


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