Day 18 – Go Thru the Door

Hi all,

There’s been a lot of time and a few posts between, but let’s get back to our scriptures on Jesus.

In my reading I landed on John 10 and something new popped out and should be shared – especially for those of us involved in ministry.

1“Very truly I tell you Pharisees, anyone who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber. 2 The one who enters by the gate is the shepherd of the sheep.

Once a week I present a short message at the prison during their Sunday church service. In order to have a message to give I seek the Lord in prayer, but this particular section of scripture has transformed the way I seek Jesus for a message. It’s changed my view of giving a message, and increased my reverence level. My thoughts on this section of scripture:

  • The men at the prison/the people we preach to belong to Jesus – they are His “sheep” – they are God’s children – that He loves more than I do. He knows them better than I do and knows what they need to hear the most. Preaching is about speaking God’s Word to the people – not just God’s Word the Bible, but God’s Word specific (Rhema word) to their needs in that particular day as only God knows they need to receive.
  • There must be reverence to seek Jesus in order to enter in to minister to them, entering in to His flock thru Jesus is the only way to minister.
  • As I read this I believe “going in” (giving a message) on our own without seeking Jesus, with our own agenda’s, our own thinking is going in as a “thief and a robber”.
  • In this verse, Jesus was speaking to the Pharisees who were all about religion, the law, condemnation, self and self-image. They were teachers of the Law, but didn’t know the Author of it to represent the truth of Him or His Heart. The Pharisees represent dead works, religious spirits, and the flesh at its prideful worst – Jesus called them Sons of Hell.
  • Preaching and Teaching God’s Word is a call we receive from God – not by our merits do we deserve to stand up front at a podium. Standing up front isn’t representative of being best – it’s a position of service to the King of Kings. We are there to speak His Words, to deliver the message He wants delivered… it’s all about His Children (sheep)…it’s not about us.
  • It’s a trusted position – God puts people in authority (Romans 13) – many times in scripture a person being called to serve God was called Faithful by God.

We are called to serve God by serving His children. The only way to minister is thru Jesus – leading and guidance from Him, which we only receive through intimacy with Him. We can only approach the sheep through the gate.


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