Last Year in Pictures: The Cove

Early 2012 I attended a writing boot camp at Billy Graham’s prayer and conference retreat The Cove. I’ve never before been to a place where I felt prayer as strongly as I did there. I could feel prayer even down to the nails. The blue prayer room was wonderful, scriptures written on the walls.  If you get a chance, I hope you can go.

Asheville City-20120226-01013Swannanoa-20120226-01025Swannanoa-20120226-01026Swannanoa-20120226-01018


3 thoughts on “Last Year in Pictures: The Cove

    1. Yes, I’m glad we shared that. It is such an amazing place. It would be great to go back just as a retreat with the Lord.

  1. “Last Year in Pictures: The Cove | Dreams and Other Things”
    was in fact a terrific blog post, can not help but wait to browse alot more of ur blog posts.
    Time to waste a little time on the web hehe.
    Thanks a lot -Heriberto

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