Day 11 – Luke 21:34-36

Well, here we are at day 11 and I couldn’t shake these verses. So, let’s look at them.

This particular section is labeled: “Watchful Prayer” in my bible. It caught my attention first.  This passage is referring to watching for the day of the Lord’s return, by watching how we, looking at our own behaviors, live – living ready for His return.

v. 34 “And take heed to yourselves,” – take heed means: (G4337) beware, to devote thought and effort to, to apply one’s self to, to attend to one’s self.

For too long now I’ve been so busy I’ve had no time to really take care of myself, but we are to think about how we are living, and take care of how we are living. We are to put thought toward our thought life – what’s really going on in there, is it for our good or have negative harmful thoughts crept in? We are to put effort into our well-being spiritually. It won’t just happen as we munch chips watching TV.

v.34 “lest at anytime your hearts be overcharged”

Hearts (G2588) = center of our physical & spiritual life, soul, mind, passions, thoughts, desires, appetites, affections, purposes, endeavors, understanding, intelligence, will, character, sensibilities, emotions…

Overcharged (G925) = to weigh down

The Holidays (Thanksgiving through New Years) typically overcharge us, right? Overcharged on charge cards, overcharged on stress, overcharged on energy levels, overcharged on family strains…we’ve all got these things weighing us down – but God is saying to put effort into not going there, by being prayerful to stay out of the “overcharged” zone.

The overcharged zone is a snare (v.35)

The overcharged zone is dwelling in our flesh on the face of the earth – when we should be soaring in the Spirit above the clouds. The stuff of the flesh doesn’t matter as we live in the Spirit. But we can’t soar when we are weighted down.

With the Holidays comes socializing, which to some people means drinking. In v.34, the words: surfeiting and drunkenness are used and actually do mean being drunk with alcohol.

Surfeiting (G2897) = the head, to toss about, giddiness & headache from drinking.

Drunkenness (G3178) = any intoxicating drink.

I would also apply “being tossed about” as in believing any spiritual teaching, or not standing firm in the Word of God but letting other notions and ideas blow you about.  As well as, being intoxicated by materialism, the next greatest gadget, shopping and spending money can be a high…I might be reaching to add these, but I still think they are truth. God doesn’t want our minds tossed about and intoxicated by anything – we are to  be wholly steadfast and fixed on Him.

Cares (G3308) = drawn in different directions, distractions, anxiety (about things pertaining to this earthly life).

The hustle and bustle of the Holidays distract us from the real reason we celebrate. Anxiety over getting the right gifts, preparing the right meal, our houses being spotless for company…the list is endless really…

This 30 days is about Refreshing – dropping the weights, letting go of the anxieties, and embracing the Peace of Christ. For me, there is Peace in walking outside, looking at nature – but more importantly I have a peace that passes understanding in the center of my physical & spiritual being. I take it with me wherever I go, rather than go looking for it in other things.  It’s available to all who seek after Jesus – so be a wise man this year and seek the real treasure of the Season, Jesus.


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