Day 4 – John 2:1-11 & John 4:1-26

living water

Day 4 holds two sections of scripture which both deal with water – O the refreshing of the Living Water. Praise God.

John 2:1-11 – we find Jesus attending a wedding. His mother Mary is there, and so are his disciples.  I heard someone say about this particular event that Jesus was invited because people like to be around Jesus. He was fun to be around. I really like that.

v.4 – Jesus said to Mary that his time had not yet come, which to me means Mary would have known about Jesus having a time. How could she have been ignorant to the call on Jesus’ life? She talked to the Angel of the Lord, she knew Jesus was Holy Spirit conceived. She knew what scripture said about the Christ to come.

v.8 – Why take it to the governor? Why not the bridegroom? Why not to Mary who asked him to do it?  What did that mean?

v. 11 – “manifested forth his glory” – glory doesn’t equal credit or recognition.  Jesus didn’t take credit for the wine. By sending it to the governor, the governor gave the credit to the bridegroom for serving such wonderful wine lastly. Jesus didn’t seek recognition.

In John 4:1-26 – we find Jesus talking with the Samaritan woman at the well.

v.4 – there are no boundaries with God – He will meet us wherever we are. Most Jews would not go to Samaria. They would walk around it going well out of their way just to avoid it.  The town name Sychar means Drunken. Interesting.

v.10 – I wrote a post a while back about His Presence, that in this next season His presence would be essential to go where we need to go, and do what we need to do.  In this verse Jesus says: “If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee…” He is speaking about His Presence – Getting into His Presence is getting to know Him. We can’t encounter Him without coming away with a greater knowing of Him. He wanted her to know Him. That He could fill all those gaps inside her heart, that He could provide lasting satisfaction to her needs.

Jesus didn’t come to establish a pharisaical type religiosity, He specifically spoke against that – He came to establish intimate relationship with God through Himself.

We were made to walk with Him and talk with Him in relationship – like Adam and Eve did in the garden.




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