Day 3 – Matthew 3:1-4:11

Hi all,

Day 3’s verses start with John the Baptist heralding “Prepare ye the way of the Lord”, moved into Jesus being baptised by John, and then ends with Jesus being ministered to by the angels after being tempted in the wilderness.

Going to think out loud for a while…

For me, I’ve wondered about the relationship between John and Jesus. They were family, Mary went to Elizabeth’s (John’s mom) and there was that whole Holy Spirit infused meeting where John leapt in Elizabeth’s womb at the presence of Jesus in Mary’s womb. But there is no mention of family reunion’s, or occasions where they would have come in contact before this very moment on the river bank of the Jordan river.

The people Jesus grew up around, His home town, couldn’t believe in Jesus as the Messiah; they only saw him as the carpenter’s kid, or Mary’s son.  But John  saw him and believed in Him as Lord, as Messiah, as the coming King, as God’s Son…whose shoes he was not worthy to bear.

Maybe that is why John was kept at a distance from Jesus through their growing up years? So that familiarity would not cause John to miss the mark on who Jesus really was? Just a thought.

And yet, John sure knew his call, who He served, and what He was to do.  All the time John spent in the wilderness – he was with God, being raised up for his mission.



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